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val forest▓s which abound with valuable timber trees.The Lis had no written script. Their spoken language belongs to the Chinese-Tibetan language▓ family. But many of them now speak the▓ Chinese la

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nguage. A new romanized sc▓ript was created for the Li ethnic group in 1957 with government help.銆€銆€Using stones to hit cattle horns, the traditional sport game was held on the 7th day of Tibetan New Year in Tohlung

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Dechen village. Each village sent 10 players▓ to have three rounds of competitions. Every player will have three times to hit the horns in each rou


nd. This g▓ame is to celebrate the New Year and to pray▓ for the favorable weather. 銆€銆€The young Tibetans of Tohl▓ung Dechen are having the fun game of using stone▓s

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OCT 24, 2024
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to hit cattle horns, photo from Xinhua, March 3r▓d.Population: 352,000Major area of distribution: YunnanLangu▓age: VaReligion: BuddhismThe

OCT 19, 2024
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Va ethnic minority, with a population of 352,000, lives in Ximeng,▓ Cangyuan, Menglian, Gengma, Lancan▓g, Shuangjiang, Zhenkang and Yongde counties in southwestern


Yunnan Province. Some are found scatte▓red in the Xishuangb

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